Our Heart is in Lebanon

My name is Christine Azar, I was born in Beirut in 1983, my family and I fled the country during the civil war and relocated to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I moved to Portland, Oregon in 2001 and have lived here ever since. 

As everyone may have seen, on August 4th, Beirut suffered an inexplicable and horrific explosion, in less than 30 seconds life changed for the entire city and its people. Over 6000 people were injured, 200 people lost their lives and 300,000 people were rendered homeless and in severe disparity. At least three main hospitals and half of the clinics in Beirut are no longer functional and this will have dire consequences on the population, especially the elderly who have been displaced. Seeing my country in ruins is breaking my heart and I want to do everything I can to help. Starting August 22nd until September 15th we will be donating 100% of our Profits to “Lebanon of Tomorrow” and “Rise Build Beirut” this includes both in person sales and orders online. Also, beginning on September 16th and through December 31st, we will be donating 20% of our gross monthly sales to both of those organizations. These donations will be primarily used to replenish the homes of the people who have been affected by the recent events.  Winter is approaching and without your help, they might be faced with much hardship and uncertainty. Both organizations are working directly with people displaced in Beirut and working extremely hard to buy glass, aluminum, and other building supplies. "Lebanon of Tomorrow" has a team of people assessing the damages, compiling estimates, and providing people with the cash needed to make the repairs. They also have food tents as well as resources for medical and mental support. 

Once known as "The Paris Of The Middle East", Beirut is a city of color and vibrance brought together by ancient history, modern luxuries and most importantly, beautiful people of all religions and histories. Beirut is no longer a conflicting city, but one of unity progressing towards a future where people live together and work towards peace and love. 

Help us restore Beirut's beauty so it can continue to live on and progress to be the exemplary progressive city it always was, full of history, vibrance and love.

https://lebanonoftomorrow.org/ or www.risebuildbeirut.org